Sunday, 9 November 2014

Following Instructions to make pikelets- yummy yummy

We were lucky enough to join the Smart Seahorses on Friday to make some pikelets. Both of our classrooms were lucky enough to look after the school's chickens so far this term and we thought what better way to use the eggs we collected then to do some cooking.

Check out our amazing pikelets!

Whipping the cream! Everyone got a turn using the whisk.

Following a recipe! We were learning to follow the recipe and measure ingredients.

do we need to add more? checking that we are measuring properly.

Preparing the mixture

That's Funny! Vishaka after cracking an egg, it went everywhere!

Flipping our pikelets
We are all so excited to eat the pikelets!

Miss Davidson's pikelet shop is now open!

What can we put on our pikelets? Jam and cream of course!

The pikelets were delicious! We can't wait to do some more cooking again this term.

Minions and Seahorses: WOW!

There was so much learning happening this week and we were very excited to try some new things with our awesome friends the Smart Seahorses of room 10.

Measurement Explorers!

This week for Maths the Minions and Seahorses were learning about measuring items for length and using measuring words when we talk or write. Both classes were able to use their past knowledge to use words like big, small, short, tall, long, wide and narrow to describe objects they were constructing. 

Check out the awesome photos of our maths lesson and feel free to ask us to help you measure things at home.

Helen and Charis drawing different sized cars and making a comparison. 

Tracing around Miss Longstaff's foot- let's see who has the longest foot.

Vishaka, Chi, Helen and Charis drawing different sized objects and talking about their length and size. Well done girls!

Malu, Ngaau and Junior: Building towers and talking about their length and height. I really like how you used your measurement words boys.

Who can build the highest?

James traced around several different feet and was talking about which was the longest and which was the shortest. He could even put them all in order!

Timoti and Bailey building a town- "The roads need to be long to go around our tall tower."

Building houses for Minion teddies- Hoa and James see how tall their door must be to fit teddy inside.

The Minions want to say a big thank you to the Smart Seahorses for coming and joining in the learning with us. It was a fantastic day and we would love to work with you more. 

Minions Learning Forever!

The Minions had a very busy week 4 of term 4.  We were focussing on becoming good writers and checking our work.

Check out the photos below of some of the amazing things we got up to this week:

Writer's Workshop

Minions being Authors of information reports

In the Mighty Minions we know what we are learning about and why. 

CJ, Loxton and Nathaniel writing their reports on lions.

Minions at work!

Helen's writing- "I enjoy writing and using describing words."

If we are proud of our work we put it on a clipboard on the wall. Miss Longstaff likes reading WOW Work!

Our mindful award winner Hoa is proud of his writing. He completed the writing checklist. 

More proud Minions: Hoa and Cassius display their work. 

Lemmy and Loxton are completing their buddy checks and are looking at all the steps on our writing checklist. Great work boys!

 Looking forward to more fabulous writing next week Mighty Minions

Saturday, 1 November 2014

WOW welcome to term 4: Minions and Monkeys assembly mania

This Week the Mighty Minions and Magnificent Monkeys hosted the assembly together.
As today is Halloween, we decided to perform a play to Julia Donaldson's "Room on the Broom"

Check out the amazing pictures and video of our performance.

I think you will agree they were AMAZING!

Helen and Valerie: "We had fun playing the witch and the cat."

All our speakers- Minion speakers included: James, Ella, CJ, Junior, Lemmy, Vishaka and Ngaau

Our wonderful and wild wind- Hoa, Jayden and Chi from the Minions

waves: Nathaniel and Dronix

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Friday, 12 September 2014

Art Exhibition- practise makes perfect!

We hope you enjoy our art.

We have been practising using different colours and adding layers to our collage art.

Chi- "We made a mountain."

Nathaniel- "My mountain looks cool."

Helen- "I loved doing my artwork."

Cassius- "It looks really cool."

National Literacy Day

WOW this week the Minions were very lucky and got to work with the Heroic Hawks!

Check out the photos of us with the Hawks enjoying our books and writing.
"They were helping me to read."- Chi

"It was fun because I was reading with my cousin."- Cassius

"They were helping me when I got stuck."- Junior

"It was good because they helped me to read."

We look forward to reading with the Heroic Hawks again.

Sunday, 31 August 2014

MINION MANIA weeks 5 & 6: finding the WOW in our learning

It has been a very busy and exciting few weeks in the Mighty Minion classroom.

We went on a special trip in week 5 with the Busy Bees to Ambury Farm.

The Minions had so much fun learning about farm animals and the farm environment.

Check out what some minions had to say:

"It was really cool learning about sheep"- Junior

Excited on the bus- Vishaka

Feeding the lambs. "They are so cute."- Helen

Brothers Sini and James feeding the chickens

feeding the goats! So cute- Lemmy
We really enjoyed our trip to the farm.

Stay tuned for some of the Minions exciting recount writing to be published on our blog.